Dish is a local little business dedicated to unique, delish, edgy, and custom eats and specializes in healthy and fit fare including paleo, zone, "paleone" for you hybrids, and creating menu's and meals for home, office, CrossFitters and friends of all the above, including kids. Free lunch and meal delivery downtown, business and homes in the area. Dish is high quality California nouveau cuisines to ignite your taste buds and crave the affordable best. Dish is literally Appetizing Wellness Delivered...

Weekly Eats

And We’re Back …

Dish is back to doing what we do best … healthy eats and delivery or pick-up. This summer, delivery and pick up will be Monday – Thursday with emphasis on multiple dishes and a few days staples instead of daily individual meals. Menu’s will post every Thursday and we ask that orders be placed before 12 noon on Saturday. If you prefer a weekly menu emailed directly, please let us know.

The delivery area is downtown, and 10th street to 21st street between Peoria and Lewis. Pick up will be downtown, 15th and Peoria and Utica Square. Of course other arrangements can be made to meet your needs. There is a $20 minimum order and a delivery charge may apply depending on location.

Menu for Week of February 2:

  • Paleo chicken picatta with grilled lemon, seared haricot vert or roasted broccoli, and whole wheat linguine or brown rice …  $28 and serves 2-3.
  • Paleo thai coconut curry with broccoli, white onion, red pepper, celery, and squash.  Choose brown rice or sauteed greens, chicken or pork .. $30 and serves 2-3.
  • Verde style whole wheat turkey enchiladas (4) with grilled onion, avocado, and cilantro cream on finely shredded cabbage … $30 and serves 2-4.
  • Paleo verde style turkey enchiladas (4) wrapped in a cabbage leaves with grilled onion and avocado on finely shredded cabbage and cilantro … $30 and serves 2-4.
  • Chicken picatta ceasar… $24 and serves 2-3.
  • Cherry chipotle tamale pie with ground round, tomato, pablano pepper, onion, corn tortillas, corn, olives, and lime … $22. 8 x 8. 
  • Red chili topped with cheddar, sour cream, and diced onion … $9. pint  *** Make it a meal for 2-3 with pepper jack corn bread and hearty mixed green salad … $28.
  • Chilaquiles frittata of cumin chicken, corn tortillas, smoked green chilis, mixed mexican cheeses, onion, and tomatillo salsa… $24.
  • Strict paleo frittata with bacon, tomato, red pepper, spinach, onion, and mushroom … $24.
  • Pizza! Featuring cauliflower based crust that is grain and gluten free. Strict paleo and dairy free available too … Pizza’s are fully cooked and can be easily reheated or enjoyed at room temperature. Each will be 11″ round and larger on request. Whole wheat too, just ask.
  1. Pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, olive, and mushroom, parmesan and mozzerella … $20.
  2. Grilled eggplant, red pepper, mushroom, feta, and caramelized red onion … $20.
  3. Make your own … AQ.


Sides and extras … sauces, dressings, guacamole, cilantro cream, salsas, special orders, just ask.  If you are training or following specific plans, I can accommodate you too. Please place Monday orders before 12 noon on Sunday. Call, email or text Michel 918-697-9480 and Or message me here. Thanks and Happy Weekend! Have a craving or want something a little off menu? Fire away and we will do what we can.  Please text or call 918.697.9480 or email with orders, questions, special needs, and of course kid friendly swaps.  The rest we can figure out as we go.

Thank you!         918.697.9480